With so many flower choices, there are no rules – it’s the sentiment that gives the gift its meaning. We can help you send the right message. Many people assign their own personal meanings – a flower or color that might remind them of a special event or moment in their lives.

The pictures offered here are just a small sampling of the arrangements we can create. We will be happy to discuss your ideas and put something special together for you.

Price ranges vary, but we will be happy to work with you whatever your budget may be.

Delivery charges vary as well. We base our delivery charges on mileage to the delivery point:

Within the City of Spooner  $2.00

Outside the City of Spooner  $5.00

Shell Lake and Trego areas  $7.50

10-15 Miles  $10.00

15-20 Miles  $15.00

20-25 Miles  $20.00

25 + Miles     $25.00

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