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Hours of Operation  8:30-5pm Monday-Friday    8:30-Noon Saturday

I am Jody Lawson and I want to share with you a bit about our lovely flower shop and greenhouse.

1951 Indianhead Floral

1951 Indianhead Floral clipping

The original greenhouse was built and owned by the Jacobson family in Spooner.

The current location of the flower shop and greenhouse was built around 1951. It was named Indianhead Flower Shoppe. The landscape of Spooner looked much different at that time as you can imagine.

In 2009, I purchased the property. It was in need of a little TLC. To go with the new beginning of the shop, it got a new name. Indianhead Floral Garden & Gift was born. Renovation of the shop started in 2010. By Thanksgiving that year, the interior of the shop had been transformed into what it is today. It is open and bright, and as I always add, on the same level. I was happy that we were able to keep the original French Doors leading into the main greenhouse as well as the original “bathroom”, which is now used as storage.

[quote style=”1″]Our floral design area is open and we are able to see people as they come in the front door. Customers can watch us design and we are able to talk with them. [/quote]Along with the remodel, a very nice walk in cooler was installed next to the designers. It is convenient and large enough, most of the time.

We have a nice fresh flower assortment on hand. For those who need something special, we can usually order it in. We have fresh flower deliveries to the shop four days a week on average, plus we can have flowers overnighted, as necessary, from several other sources.

design area

design area

Our designers are very experienced in all types of occasion work. So whether it is a birth, wedding, or death, we can provide the appropriate flowers for the occasion. Our customer is our focus. We may ask a lot of questions and like to hear our customer’s ideas so that we make sure the customer’s vision is thoroughly understood.

[quote style=”1″]I am most pleased with the organization that the design of the building has achieved. Our shop sales floor is functional but homey at the same time. I have lots of my antique pieces in the shop, so if you stop by, feel free to sit a spell. Lots of our customers do. [/quote] We transform the shop sales area as seasons change. Fall and Christmas are among our favorites. We all love the fall colors and warmth of the season. Christmas is magical and so much fun. Our shop is just lovely with the trees, lights, ornaments and poinsettias.

The two greenhouses attached to the building have been here since it was built back in the 1950’s. We have had to do a little remodeling in them, such as a new heating system. We use one of those greenhouses through the winter for various plants we winter over.

We have four hoop-house greenhouses in the back yard. They are used primarily April through June. By July they are pretty well emptied out.



We start growing annuals early in the year, usually March. Our main greenhouses begin to fill with plants in March. Honestly, there is no better feeling than walking into the greenhouse on a sunny February day and feeling the topical warmth and that earthy smell. When you live in this very cold northland, that feel is very much appreciated.

By April, we are using all of the greenhouses. We are all anxious to start our spring gardens, even though Mother Nature might not approve yet.

We have a nice selection of vegetables and herbs. Old favorites, of course, but each year we look for something new. Heirloom tomatoes are a favorite and we have several types.

[quote style=”1″]Flowers are so amazing and as a flower shop, we really love our blooming annuals. As with the vegetables, I look for something new each year to offer our customers. Lantana and Gaura have been wonderful additions. [/quote] We are also building our outdoor perennial selection each year. From Arborvitaes to Yews (couldn’t find a perennial that starts with “Z” that we might carry) we try to increase our variety of shrubs, flowering crabs, fruit, pine and shade trees. We also offer rose bushes and other perennial blooming plants for the outdoor garden.

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built in 1951

built in 1951